Employee Assistance Program

Find the support you need

Mental & Emotional

24/7 phone support, virtual and in-person counseling, and online resources.

Financial & Legal

Consultations with financial and legal professionals, budgeting tools, online resources, and more.

Daily Life

Work-life specialists are available to help you find information for your situation.

Need emergency behavioral health care? 

Seek care immediately at the nearest hospital. Then, be sure that you or your family member contacts Anthem at 855-873-4932 within the first 24 hours of hospital admission to have care authorized. 

This is a summary of your Edward Jones EAP benefits. It doesn’t replace or alter the official documentation that legally govern the terms and operations of the EAP. If this information is different from the official documents, the official documents govern. If you’d like more details about your EAP benefits, you may refer to the Summary Plan Description.

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