Eligibility for benefits


You are eligible for all Edward Jones benefits if you are a:

  • Full-time financial advisor1, financial advisor intern or trainee, subordinated limited general partner, or principal.
  • Home office associate or client support team professional who is full-time and works at least 35 hours a week; this includes transitional financial advisors.
Part-time associates who work an average of at least 30 hours a week over a 12-month measurement period are eligible for:
  • Medical and prescription drug coverage,
  • Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account, 
  • Well-being programs, and
  • Retirement Plan (if compensated for 1,000 hours of service during the plan year).

Part-time associates are not eligible for dental, vision, life, or disability insurance benefits.


In addition to yourself, you may cover the following dependents on your medical plan:

  • Your lawfully wedded spouse who may be claimed as a spouse for federal income tax deduction purposes.
  • Your Edward Jones recognized domestic partner. Details found on JonesLink (must be on Edward Jones network).
  • Your eligible children up to age 26 (no age limit if disabled), which includes the following:
    • Your natural children, stepchildren, adopted children beginning with the date of placement, and other children for whom you have legal custody.
    • The natural children of your domestic partner, stepchildren of your domestic partner living with your domestic partner in a legal parent-child relationship, adopted children beginning on the date of placement with your domestic partner, or any other children for whom your domestic partner has legal custody, who depend on your domestic partner for support and who can be claimed as exemptions on their federal income tax return.
Note: Full-time associates can also enroll eligible dependents in other benefits, including dental, vision, life insurance, and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. Please refer to Eligibility and Electing for more details. All associates and dependents are eligible for the Employee Assistance Program, regardless of enrollment.

Enrolling a spouse/domestic partner or child for the first time?

You will need to submit documentation to verify your dependent.

1 Financial advisor reference incorporates financial advisor, service partner, and joint venture service partner roles.

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