Emotional wellbeing programs

RethinkCare (formerly WHIL) offers a variety of programs to help support your emotional wellbeing:

Learn to meditate

Learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation training to bring calm, focus and clarity into all facets of your life.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Build resilience with tips, techniques and practices to reduce stress, calm anxiety and overcome conflict.

Be happier

Learn actionable techniques to develop a positive outlook, manage anger, transform difficult emotions and more.

Boost physical health

Learn to focus and get in the zone more regularly with programs covering pain management, nutrition, sports, recovery and recharging in nature.

Practice yoga

These exercises and stretching courses will help you get in shape, increase concentration and flexibility while creating a sustainable routine.

Build emotional intelligence

Bring out your best self with Master Trainers from Search Inside Yourself, the noted emotional intelligence and leadership program born at Google®.

You can access RethinkCare programs through Virgin Pulse (click on Benefits at the top). Recommended programs will be listed and are based on your My Pulse Health Assessment results. Click "View All" at the top to see all the programs available.

Earn discounts toward your medical plan premium

You can earn discounts toward your 2024 medical plan premium by completing 10 RethinkCare sessions in a month by December 1, 2023.

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