Free counseling and support

All associates and their dependents are eligible for the Headspace Employee Assistance Program (EAP), regardless of medical enrollment. Get confidential, immediate well-being support at no cost to you. Whether you're struggling with building healthy habits, managing depression or anxiety, finding childcare, searching for legal assistance or other issues, the Headspace EAP is here to help.

24/7 phone line support

Contact an EAP specialist 24/7 at 855-420-0734 who can connect you with a clinician or support you in finding local services to help with life’s everyday challenges.

Easy access to therapy

You and your dependents have access to 8 therapy sessions, per issue, per year. Therapy sessions are available during the week and on weekends and evenings to best fit into your schedule. To get started, enroll in Headspace here, or call 855-420-0734, and an EAP specialist will assist.

An added layer of support with mental health coaching

In addition to your 8 therapy sessions, Headspace gives you access to one-on-one mental health coaching via chat directly in the Headspace app. Schedule regular check-ins with your lead coach or drop in to receive in-the-moment support whenever you need it. Coaches can help you with building better relationships, productivity, career, confidence, grief, sleep, and more.

Click here to get started and connect with a mental health coach today.

Connections to resources for life’s everyday stressors

With the Headspace EAP, you have access to confidential, practical and time-saving resources to help you navigate life’s challenges. Receive referrals to vetted resources for support with child or elder care, career support, financial calculators, legal forms, and more. Contact an EAP specialist at 855-420-0734 to get connected or visit the EAP site and enter company code: edwardjones.

Resources accessible through your medical plan

Anthem medical plan participants also can take advantage of Talkspace – an in-network virtual counseling tool that supports your needs and schedule and is available on any device 24/7. It provides personalized matching to a licensed therapist, convenient access, and self-guided exercises. Talkspace offers support for anxiety, grief, sleep, relationships, and more. Visit the Talkspace website to get started.

Additional online resources

Visit the EAP site and enter company code edwardjones to access articles, podcasts, and monthly webinars as well as self-assessment tools to support your emotional well-being.

Don't be afraid to use the EAP

Any information you share with the EAP is completely confidential and is never shared with Edward Jones. Your participation in the EAP will not adversely affect your employment or career advancement with Edward Jones.

The EAP is for more than emotional and mental well-being

You can also use it for legal and financial consultations, ID recovery, and dependent care and daily living resources. Explore these resources on the Headspace EAP site (use code edwardjones). 

For assistance navigating the Headspace app or webiste, please visit the Help Center.

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