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There are three ways to access Virgin Pulse:

  1. Access the Virgin Pulse desktop application through Personal and Job Information (JAC) (must be on Edward Jones network).
  2. Go to the Virgin Pulse website: join.virginpulse.com/EdwardJones
  3. Scan the QR code to download the Virgin Pulse app.

Note:  Spouses/domestic partners will need to set up their own unique Virgin Pulse account.

Earn up to $1,600 off your 2025 medical premiums

Associates enrolled in the Edward Jones medical plan can earn discounts toward medical premiums by completing health and well-being activities directly and through Virgin Pulse.

For 2025, you can earn up to:

  • $800 for single coverage
  • $1,600 for family coverage

Note:  If you have family coverage and do not cover a spouse/domestic partner, you will automatically receive $800 in medical premium discounts for your oldest enrolled child.

Click on each box below to learn how you and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner can earn toward your 2025 medical premium discount:

$100: Health Check Assessment

Earn $100 when you complete a 15-minute online questionnaire through your Virgin Pulse account regarding your nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle choices that helps you gain insight into your current health status.

Log into Virgin Pulse to start the Health Check Assessment.

$300: Preventive Care Visit

Earn $300 when you complete an in-person preventive care visit with a primary care physician and submit proof by December 6, 2024.

Find an in-network primary care physician.

$400: Lifestyle activities

Earn up to $400 when you complete any of the following activities:

  • $150: Complete 10 Real Appeal sessions
  • $50: Register for Virtual Care with LiveHealth Online
  • $150: Complete a Keeping Up with the Joneses Activity Challenge
  • $100: Track sleep for 20 days in a month with an approved device/app
  • $75–$300: Complete an entire Journey ($75 per Journey, up to four times per year)

Rewards are available to all associates enrolled in the Edward Jones Medical plan outside Hawaii. If you think you and/or your spouse/domestic partner might be unable to meet the standard for a reward, you have an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. You may contact Virgin Pulse at 833-880-4209, and they will work with you to find a wellness program with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status.

Earn up to $80 in PulseCash in 2024

When you participate in well-being activities on the Virgin Pulse platform, you can earn points. Those points help you achieve Levels, which earn you PulseCash that you can redeem for gift cards, workout gear, and more. You can even donate your reward!

Log into your Virgin Pulse account to view how much PulseCash you've earned:

  • On the website, you‘ll see your total points and PulseCash at the top of the page. To view your point earnings for specific months, days or activities, select the Home tab, then select Statement.
  • On the Virgin Pulse mobile app, you can see all your point earnings under Rewards.

Important note: PulseCash is subject to taxation upon redemption. For details on activities and points values, go to the Virgin Pulse platform > Rewards > How to Earn.

Tobacco users can earn back the full tobacco surcharge

If you want help quitting or cutting back on tobacco, get personalized support and guidance from a coach through the Tobacco Cessation Coaching program, offered by Virgin Pulse.

  • Learn how to set a quit date, spot and outsmart your tobacco triggers, and get results.
  • Your highly trained coach will guide you in setting goals that make sense for your lifestyle.
  • Earn back the full tobacco surcharge applied to your medical plan premium.

Completing the tobacco cessation coaching program is defined by the completion of three coaching calls with a Virgin Pulse Health Coach. To get started, log into your Virgin Pulse account, click the Benefits tab, then choose “View All” and scroll down or search to find "Tobacco Cessation - Phone Coaching."

Start a fitness routine

The benefits of physical activity are endless. Incorporating physical activity can be easy, fun, and doesn't require hours and hours to be effective.

Just 20 minutes a day — like taking a walk, gardening, swimming, or doing yoga — can help improve your physical and emotional health. Some benefits are immediate such as stress relief, reduced anxiety, and better sleep. Long-term benefits can include improved strength and balance, increased energy, reduced blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, and reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

For personalized recommendations, log into your Virgin Pulse account and select "Benefits." Recommended programs will be listed and are based on your Health Check Assessment results. You may need to scroll down to view the list and to see additional options. Click "View All" from the menu at the top.

Explore nutrition resources

You can access several nutritional resources through Virgin Pulse (select Benefits at the top).

  • Journeys: Five daily, self-guided courses on nutrition, including Eat Like a Mediterranean, Fit in More Fruit, Go Mediterranean and More Veggies in No Time.
  • Virgin Pulse Nutrition Guide: Pick a nutritional profile for healthy tips and recipes, and keep track of your progress.

In addition to these programs, you may be eligible to take advantage of Real Appeal, a weight loss and healthy living program that offers one-on-one coaching, group meetings, a success kit and a mobile app—at no cost to you. Visit Real Appeal for eligibilty details.

Keep in mind: You can earn up to $150 in discounts toward your 2025 medical plan premium by completing 10 Real Appeal sessions by December 6, 2024.

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