Adoption Assistance


The program is available to all full-time associates, including Financial Advisors, Home Office Associates and Branch Office Administrators and General Partners. Home office General Partners are not eligible for this program.


Associates contemplating adoption and who need resources can contact the Anthem Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for assistance. Anthem can provide consultation, resource listings and referrals to support agencies, public and private agencies and lawyers.

For more information, call Anthem at 877-847-4525 or visit and click the link at the top left, under the Anthem logo, to go to the Canadian EAP site.

  • Reimbursement requests must by submitted within 12 months after the finalization of the adoption.
  • Allows associates to be reimbursed for certain adoption related expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 per child.
  • Expenses must be incurred while the associate was a full-time associate.
  • Associates must be actively employed and full -time status with the firm at the time the reimbursement is made.
  • Adoption expenses are reimbursed only after the adoption is finalized in the courts.
  • Complete the Adoption Expense Reimbursement form (pdf) and fax to (877) 479-6175.
  • Documentation of payment of the submitted expenses and the final adoption paperwork is required.
  • Reimbursement provided through the program is subject to tax provisions and applicable withholdings.

Associates can be reimbursed for certain adoption expenses incurred by their married spouse or Common-Law partner if up to a maximum of $5,000 if:

  • The associate also adopts the child.
  • The married spouse or Common-Law partner adopts the child during the relationship with the associate.
  • The associate is employed full-time at Edward Jones on or before the date the adoption.
  • All reimbursements of the expenses will be paid directly to you and will be 100% taxable to the associate.

  • Associates may take Parental Leave and/or Adoption Leave in accordance with applicable legislation after the adoption has been finalized.
  • This is an unpaid leave.
  • Home Office associates and Branch Office Administrators may use available vacation and personal day(s) for adoption related absences. The use of paid time off for adoption absences is subject to all provisions of those policies.