Long Term Disability

All full-time, benefit-eligible associates are automatically enrolled in the plan and required to pay 100% of the premium. Long Term Disability (LTD) is a required benefit for associates. Premiums are deducted from your paycheque. Because you pay the LTD premium, any benefit payable is non-taxable. The LTD plan is insured by Sun Life.

LTD benefits may be payable if you become totally disabled due to an illness or injury that prevents you from performing the essential duties of your own occupation during the qualifying period (the first 120 days of disability, or 365 days for Principals) and for the two-year period following the qualifying period. If you are still disabled after two years, you may continue to receive LTD benefits if you are unable to perform any occupation for which you are qualified.

The monthly LTD benefit is equal to 60% of monthly earnings, to a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month. Monthly earnings means the average of your regular rate of pay, including commissions and bonuses as shown on the T4-T4A form for the previous two calendar years. If you have less than one year of service with Edward Jones, your earnings will be based on an average of the actual cash compensation paid over the employment period. Sun Life will pay monthly LTD benefits in arrears. LTD benefits will end at age 65 or you are no longer considered disabled.

Total Disability

You are considered totally disabled during the first 24 months in which you receive LTD benefits if you are unable to perform any and every duty of your occupation. After this period you are considered totally disabled if you are unable to perform any and every duty of any occupation for which you are reasonably qualified by training, education or experience.

Recurrent Disability

If a disability recurs and it’s due to the same or related causes as the original disability, it will be considered as one continuous disability and will not be subject to the qualifying period unless you have returned to active, full-time employment for one full month (30 days) or longer.

If your new disability is due to causes unrelated to your prior disability, you may be eligible for a new disability period. If you returned to active work for at least one full day from the prior disability, the new disability will be subject to satisfying another qualifying period.


LTD benefits are reduced by other sources of income, including:

  • Canada or Quebec pension plans (excluding dependent benefits)
  • Workers' Compensation, government motor vehicle automobile insurance plan, any group, association or franchise plan
  • Retirement or pension plan benefits
  • Earnings from any employer
  • Any government plan, excluding Employment Insurance benefits

The LTD benefit payable will be further reduced so that your total income from all sources doesn't exceed 85% of pre-disability net earnings. All sources include those listed above, plus Canada or Quebec pension plan dependent benefits, and any income from self-employment.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered. That means benefits are not payable for any total disability that begins within six months of your effective date of LTD coverage if the disability is caused or contributed to by a sickness or accidental injury for which you received medical treatment services or took a prescribed drug at any time within 90 days before your effective date of coverage.

Benefits are also not payable:

  • If you aren't receiving ongoing supervision/treatment, or you refuse to participate in the treatment program recommended by a physician deemed appropriate by Sun Life for the impairment that is causing the disability
  • For any portion of a period of disability during which you are receiving treatment by a therapist unless that treatment is recommended by a physician deemed appropriate by Sun Life
  • For a disability resulting from substance abuse, including alcoholism and drug addiction, unless you are participating in a recognized substance withdrawal program
  • For disabilities resulting from self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide
  • For disabilities as a result of participation in a war, riot, insurrection or criminal act
  • If the disability results from an accident that occurs while you are operating a motor vehicle and the blood contains more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (.08%)
  • For the portion of a period of disability during which you are
    • imprisoned in a penal institution
    • confined in a hospital, or similar institution, as a result of criminal proceedings
  • For any period of disability, or portion thereof, during any leave of absence
  • For a disability that commences on or after the date a strike or layoff begins
  • If you refuse to participate in a rehabilitation program that is deemed appropriate by Sun Life, the attending physician or on the advice of independent medical opinion

An associate whose claim runs through the maximum benefit Short Term Disability period, SunLife will automatically consider the claim for long-term disability and work directly with the associate for any additional information. 

You will have a dedicated Case Manager on the Leave of Absence team that will review and approve your request if eligibility has been confirmed and all the required information has been provided in the Leave Request. In the request, provide an email address that your Case Manager will use throughout the duration of your leave to provide updates on the status of your request. Contact information for your Case Manager will be provided to you once your leave is opened.


1. Prior to your return, ensure you receive a doctor's note and submit it to Sun Life for review prior to returning to work.  Please be sure to confirm your actual return date one week prior to your return to work by contacting your Case Manager.

2. You will need to upload your return to work documentation in the Time, Absence and Leave management system so your Leave of Absence Case Manager can process prior to returning. Instructions on how to use the system, including uploading documentation to the system, can be found using the job aids in the Resources box above.  

3. If you are released with restrictions, Edward Jones may support a partial return to work and consider paying partial disability benefits until you are released to a full schedule. The documentation from your doctor should identify all restrictions for consideration. 

4. Failure to report to work at the end of your leave or the date you indicated you would return from the leave will be considered a voluntary separation.