Edward Jones helps you prepare for retirement with two plans – the Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) and the Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). The DPSP is where the firm’s contributions go, and the RRSP is where you can save your own money for retirement. Both plans offer tax advantages and help you save for the future.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)

This plan is funded by Edward Jones. It has two kinds of contributions — profit sharing contributions and matching contributions based on your participation in the RRSP. These contributions will appear as your "Pension Adjustment" (PA) on your T-4 and will affect your contribution room for the year following payment.

  • The firm shares profits with eligible associates’ with an annual discretionary contribution.
  • The firm also will match eligible associates' payroll contributions to the RRSP – dollar for dollar – up to $500 each year.
  • You won’t pay any taxes on this benefit or the earnings in your account until you take it out during retirement.
  • You may choose how your account is invested.
  • The firm may add a profit sharing contribution to your account each year, based on the success you help create. You get the contribution whether you contribute to the plan or not. This amount has averaged more than 4% over the last 10 years. See Profit Sharing eligible earnings and contributions for the last decade.

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (Group RRSP)

  • You may choose to set aside money in this plan on a pre-tax basis.
  • The firm will match eligible associates’ payroll contributions dollar for dollar, up to $500.
  • You also may be able to make contributions to a spousal RRSP through your Edward Jones payroll. Learn more about spousal RRSP contributions.

All Full-time associates are immediately eligible to contribute to the Group RRSP. Part-time associates are eligible after being compensated for 910 hours in the first year of employment or any subsequent calendar year. And once an associate attains eligibility, the associate remains eligible.

What's more, with the RRSP, the firm's match essentially pays you to save. Eligible associates will receive a dollar-for-dollar match up to $500. That's an immediate 100% return on your first $500.

The firm match is for non-sales, non-GP associates who:

  • Are hired prior to Jan. 1 of the plan year
  • Receive compensation for at least 910 hours during the plan year
  • Make Group RRSP contributions through payroll deduction during the plan year
  • Are employed by Edward Jones on Dec. 31 of the plan year
Profit Sharing eligibility is based on:
  • Being hired prior to July 1 of the plan year
  • Receiving compensation for 910 hours during the plan year
  • Being employed by Edward Jones on Dec. 31 of the plan year

The firm will automatically enrol you as a new associate in the DPSP Plan. You will enrol yourself in the RRSP and choose your payroll deduction amount. Be sure to review the guidelines for your allowable contribution amount.

To enrol, get information or choose investments, visit the Sun Life website directly or through your Personal & Job Information or Jones Associate Connection pages.

Branch associates: Go to JonesLink > Working at Jones > Personal & Job Information

Home Office associates: Go to JonesNet > Associate Information > Jones Associate Connection

Do you know your Risk Tolerance? Find more information at

You will want to make your own decisions about how to invest your accounts. Be sure to review the Retirement Plan Investments and actively make your selections.
  • Sign in to with your personal ID and password. Once you’re in, all the funds for each product are under my financial centre > Accounts > Investment performance.
  • All the investing fees for each fund are under Accounts > Account fees.
  • For more information on each fund available in the plan, check out the Morningstar® Fund Report. Morningstar® provides a complete overview of each fund, including its investment risk and objective, as well as details on the fund type to which it belongs. Go to my financial centre > Quick Links > Investment performance > Fund Report and Updates.


Withdrawing funds from your retirement accounts reduce the compounding power of long term investing making it less likely your retirement funds will last through retirement. As there are times when distributions may be required or associates face a particular hardship, withdrawals and distributions can be made from the plan as follows:

  • Required Distributions: the year in which an associate turns 71
  • Distribution upon Death: distributed to beneficiary(ies)
  • Distribution upon Termination of Employment
  • Group RRSP Withdrawals: can be made at any time*
  • DPSP Hardship Withdrawals: due to a Severe Financial Hardship due to a sudden or unexpected illness or accident, loss of property due to casualty, or other similar, extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances arising as a result of events beyond the control of the associate.*

*If you make a withdrawal from either your Group RRSP or DPSP, you will be suspended from making contributions for 6 months. This includes, outside contributions, payroll contributions and Trimester Bonus contributions. You will need to go into the Sunlife site after the 6 month suspension to re-elect your deferral.

For more information please review withdrawals and distributions.

You will receive receipts for your RRSP contributions but not your DSRP contributions.

Group RRSP

You will receive contribution receipts for all of your payroll contributions into the Group RRSP. There are two contribution receipts provided per year: Once for the first 60 (sixty) days of the year, and one for the remainder of the year. You may choose to apply the first-60-day receipt to your prior year taxes, or you may apply it towards the current year. Consult your tax advisor for specific guidance.


You will NOT receive contribution receipts for the firm Profit Sharing or firm match contributions. These amounts are listed on your T-4 as a Pension Adjustment (PA) and will affect your contribution room for the following year payment.


  • Your 2020 Profit Sharing and firm match are earned in 2020.
  • These amounts are paid into your DPSP account in January 2021.
  • These amounts will show on your 2021 T-4 as a PA.
  • These amounts will impact your contribution room for 2022.lea

Participants make changes to their investment choices on the SunLife Financial website. You can access your Sun Life account through:

Branch associates: Go to JonesLink > Working at Jones > Personal & Job Information

Home Office associates: Go to JonesNet > Associate Information > Jones Associate Connection